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Analysis & Strategy

With a well-grounded digital strategy you have a compass for your long-term digital journey. Continuous tracking and follow-up gives you valuable insights for optimization and development. All to increase conversion and revenue.

An anchored strategy is the key to online success

A deep understanding of your business, your users and the technical pre-requisites are central to us, and are vital for us to be a true digital partner. Without insights and analysis, we simply can't continue to the concept and design phases.

Customer insights and benchmarking

To start off, we collect customer insights through interviews, polls and user testing. This can be done in our lab or at your company. Afterwards we deep-dive into your company's business and marketing plans, organization, internal processes, product range and your current digital platform. The next step is to benchmark and analyze your competitors' offerings, in order to get the correct market perspective.

Data adds to the picture

Statistics and data from your existing setup completes the picture of how it meets the needs of your target groups. Conversion rates for primary and secondary actions, traffic sources, search term analysis and other measurables give importand clues to improvements.

A digital plan

Insights and analysis lead to a unique platform of strategic focus areas and we define KPI's and a measurement plan, which we will follow up with you. All this leads to increased insight and helps you to prioritize your resources, adapt your product presentation and choose the best digital channels for communicating better - and selling more - to your current and future customers.

Curious about our potential together?

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