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Test & Quality Assurance

QA is a vital and self-evident part of our process and permeates our work all the way from requirements to delivery. We can also help with content production, training of your editors and support after launch.

We take pride in our work

- it shows in our QA

Testing is a continuous, integrated part of all our projects and not only a way station just before launch. This makes our work smoother and lets us keep a high pace in development. Constant QA also yields better results. Some testing can be automatic, others need to be done systematically on different devices in our test lab.Specified requirements reduce risk

In order to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment it is always best if our clients take an active part in the whole process. We therefore hold requirement workshops and formulate user stories that form the base for concepts, project definitions and implementation.

Real content is king

Our clients often want our help with content. This can be in all forms - text, photography, illustrations, infographics or video, often when migrating to a new website. Sometimes there are new sections that need to be filled or built up from scratch. Of course we can help you with this, as well as custom-made training for editors and support in tracking and data analysis - in our offices or yours.

Curious about our potential together?

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