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Umbraco CMS

The Ultimate Cloud-Based CMS for Large and Complex Websites

Cloud Nine is a proud Umbraco partner, as it is our preferred open-source CMS for large and complex information websites, extranets, and intranets on the .NET platform. Umbraco is the ultimate e-commerce solution that meets requirements for speed, stability, integration possibilities, and security.

What is open source?

Open source refers to a software development approach where the source code of a program is made freely available to the public. This allows anyone to view, modify, and distribute the code as they wish, often under licenses that ensure it remains open for others to use and contribute to. Open source software encourages collaboration among developers and users, who can collectively improve the software by fixing bugs, adding features, and enhancing its functionality.

A stable and easily integrated base

In today's complex solutions, integration between systems and microservices is central. This can involve multiple databases and information sources, third-party search engines, social media platforms, and many other specialized systems that must work together. We have built APIs to solve complex challenges, both for content but also authentication and customized publishing flows that meet high demands. Umbraco is available both as a fully cloud-based solution, Umbraco Cloud, and as Umbraco CMS, which can be hosted at the customer's premises. The codebase in Umbraco Cloud is based on the latest and greatest version of .NET, ASP.NET Core.

Block-based and multilingual

Our web customers often communicate globally or have target groups that require both different structures and content in several markets and languages. A built-in split view between different language versions makes translation easier, and very advanced block-based content management allows both single blocks and entire structures to be cloned. The editor interface is modern and intuitive, with access control at all levels. This allows a large number of editors to collaborate without encroaching on each other's territory.

Curious about our potential together?

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