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Norce E-commerce

Headless e-commerce with market-leading PIM.

When planning a large e-commerce installation with a complex product structure and many integrations, a natively headless platform is usually a good choice. Norce (previously known as Storm) is one of the most competent headless solutions on the market and is also a SaaS, which makes it reliable and scaleable. Powerful API:s make it easy to integrate Norce with back-end and CMS/front-end systems.

API First for complex e-commerce

A full-scale e-commerce solution, especially one that is integrated with physical retail, poses many challenges. Integrations with ERP, POS, CRM result in complex data structures and data flows. A natively API-based headless solution is in many cases the only practical base to build on. That’s why many large e-commerce companies with a global presence rely on Norce, which enables them to constantly develop and keep ahead of the competition.

A PIM for all products and customers

Norce PIM has functionality for collecting, structuring and enriching product information. Products can then be organised in many ways such as categories, variants, flags and packets. There are also built-in functions for applying business rules to the catalog, pricing, order handling and stock management. With a suitable CMS and presentation layer Norce will deliver a class-leading user experience, both for B2C and B2B.

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