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Contentful CMS

Value through content.

One of the most successful CMS platforms in recent years is the cloud-based headless solution Contentful. Focus has been on developing the best possible content hub, i.e. a scaleable, editor-friendly repository for all types of content which can then be distributed to one or multiple channels. With its class-leading API, Contentful is a perfect component in a modern composable architecture.

Order and structure for long-term value creation

It’s usually said that “Content is king”, and most managers of information-rich websites know that structure and order are paramount when it comes to content. The core idea behind headless architecture is to decouple content from the presentation layer, and what characterises modern CMS systems is that editors and content creators can produce strong, engaging content without being bound to a particular look and feel. Much of what is created has a long life-span and should be able to survive a design overhaul. In addition to this, new communication channels with a completely different aesthetic can use the same basic content in a new form.

Flexibility for all types of websites and organisations

Contentful is used both as a CMS powering large, content-rich websites, not least because of its speed and advanced functionality for workflows and native multilanguage support. In combination with a headless e-commerce platform, brands can build robust, scaleable, individualised e-commerce solutions with strong content to boost engagement and sales on a global scale.

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