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News / 15 Mar 2022

Meet Pawel - Frontend developer and our first Cloudie in Poland!

We had a coffee with our lovely colleague Pawel who started with us in the autumn of 2021 and was our first of now 4 employees in our new office in Poland!

Hi Pawel, tell us about yourself:

My name is Paweł. I am (mostly) a front-end developer and I have been working on all web related things for about 7 years. I love to travel, I am inspired by people and different cultures around the globe. In my spare time I like to enjoy good music and thus feel connected to the beat :D. I started working for Cloud Nine fully remotely from Poland as a front-end developer at the beginning of September 2021.

Why did you decide to join C9?

I was inspired by the projects Cloud Nine was / is involved in and the clients the agency works with. I find visual appearance and aesthetics very important especially in web development and online presence. The high quality of work being done here and the superb portfolio site ( convinced me towards working with Cloud Nine. I was to be their first employee in Poland and being able to grow on this opportunity was something I wanted to try.

What was your first impression of C9?

Initially I was a little bit afraid that there would be a possible culture mismatch or language barrier issues, but these thoughts were quickly dismissed. As I found the team to be very welcoming, helpful and despite having many Swedish colleagues Cloud Nine is an english speaking agency. I was quickly provided with all the equipment (a MacBook Pro, iPhone, external monitor, all the extenders and hubs I needed) and software (you can choose whatever you’re comfortable with). In the first week I was being introduced to all the different clients I was about to start working with and the codebases of their projects. Even though I was to be working with front-end parts of the code I was also given a good overview of the back-end infrastructure which helps in a lot of cases.

What do you like the most about working at C9?

Work-life balance and the company culture is amazing and something I like the most about Cloud Nine. I’ve only been working with the company for roughly 6 months but have already visited Stockholm twice and had the opportunity to welcome the team to Poland where they’ve now set-up an office in Gdańsk. I love how you can feel a real connection between colleagues here thus you are able to talk about anything. The team feels genuinely interested and supportive. You also do not feel pressured or overwhelmed with deadlines. When you are working on a project there are frequent meetings with the clients so you can all get on the same page and not get lost in the multiplicity of work being done here.

What was your favorite project at C9?

This far, working with Houdini Sportswear and Volkswagen projects has been the most enjoyable. I really like how you truly feel as a part of the team and your opinions matter instead of just being a cog in an enormous machine. You can influence the project and do your magic. As new projects frequently pop up, technology wise, Cloud Nine is always up to date with the newest industry trends and confirmed solutions.


Want to work with Pawel?

Read more about our open positions here or reach out to our awesome recruiters <a href="">Weronika</a>, <a href="">Diana</a> or <a href="">Sabine</a>

I really like how you truly feel as a part of the team and your opinions matter


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