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Web & CMS

Information-rich websites, intranets and apps are part of our DNA. We have over 20 years' experience from working with a variety of CMS platforms and with clients in every field imaginable. But we are always committed to offering a great experience for both end users and editors.

Innovation and experience for great results

A Cloud Nine website is seldom standard or out-of-the-box. We will always do our utmost to build a solution that stands out from the crowd.

Not just a pretty site

We are often faced with the task of making an existing website more efficient or mobile-friendly. Re-branding is also a reason for many of our customers not only to refresh their site's design but to re-think their web strategy. When we tackle a new challenge, we always start with the data and back it up with a UX based on actual visitor behaviour. And of course with an award-winning look and feel.

Innovative is our middle name

Many agencies talk about thinking outside the box. We prefer to spend time innovating inside the box, that is within the constraints most customers live with - budget, existing integrations and often an existing CMS. But there are still lots of possibilities to create digital magic. We pride ourselves on having some of the best developers in the business, and that goes for the whole tech stack. We also take into consideration the editors and managers of the solutions we build, to make their daily work easier and more efficient.

A CMS for every need

Cloud Nine has many years of experience building headless solutions on Content Management Systems such as Contentful, Storyblok and Prismic as well as on larger CM ecosystems such as Optimizely and Umbraco. Our clients' specific requirements, integrations, content types and the content creation and publishing process are all factors when choosing the right platform. Always with focus on the experience of the end user.

A partner you can rely on

Running any kind of web project is challenging, and the support needs of our customers vary a great deal. Some have internal teams that maintain their web solutions and some clients only have a skeleton crew. Cloud Nine can offer support that will scale with our customers' needs. We can also offer editorial help and training.

Curious about our potential together?

Book a meeting with Micke Östling, KAM at Cloud Nine.