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Storyblok CMS

Headless CMS platform with flexible and user-friendly content management.

Austria-based Storyblok is a true headless CMS, with focus on layout and visual presentation of content. In our projects, we mostly combine Storyblok with the Centra e-commerce platform and these are the perfect combination for building dynamic, exciting e-commerce solutions, especially for brands selling directly to customers. In other contexts, Storyblok can be used as a powerful content hub for multichannel publishing.

The potential for unique e-commerce experiences

When building the front-end for an e-commerce solution one is often restricted by a pre-defined structure defined by the PIM. This limits the possibilities for a unique, branded experience. Here lies the true strength with Storyblok, which is both flexible and editor-friendly, making it easy for e-commerce managers to create engaging content while remaining in control of the overall look and feel. Storyblok is also through its API prepared for other integrations and omnichannel applications.

Workflow support for active e-commerce

A modular, block-based way of working with a user-friendly editor is a central feature, but Storyblok is not only a powerful CMS. There is also native support for workflows and scheduled updates of pages or complete sections, such as campaigns or drops. In short, Storyblok has all the features an active e-commerce manager could want, especially when it comes to creating engaging and converting content.

Curious about our potential together?

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