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News / 28 Sep 2021

Winners of Finland’s National Entrepreneurship Award - Dermosil are pioneers in e-commerce

We would like to congratulate Dermosil on winning Finland’s National Entrepreneurship Award 2021!

Dermosil is one of Finland’s leading companies in skincare, makeup and hair care. On the grounds that Dermosil is, among other things, a pioneer in e-commerce, they won the National Entrepreneurship Award 2021 award in Finland. At Cloud Nine, we are immensely proud and happy to be part of Dermosil’s incredible journey.

The story behind Dermosil and Cloud Nine started twenty five years ago with a cooperation between Dermosil and Mikael Östling.

"My journey with Dermosil has been long and exiting. Dermosil has through the years been receptive to advice and ideas, and has been courageous to invest in the digital evolution. It is gratifying to see that the long-term work is noticed with this prestigious award." , says Mikael Östling, Senior Key Account Manager på Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine has a UX and development team that works continuously with Dermosil's comprehensive e-commerce solution that is built on the Litium platform. The focus of the work is to constantly measure and optimize the user experience and to identify new needs and opportunities that can be digitised.

Read more about our work on Dermosil’s e-commerce here. <br/>

For more information,

Mikael Östling, Senior Key Account Manager, Cloud Nine AB <br/> <a href=""></a>

Suvi Markko, VD, Dermoshop AB <br/> <a href=""></a>

Photo: Terotemedia / Tero Takalo-Eskola

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