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News / 18 Feb 2022

Cozy e-commerce for the conscious customer

We are happy to announce our new e-commerce collaboration with Davida, a Swedish brand offering clothing and accessories in pure cashmere of the highest quality.

Dedicated to producing simply designed, beautiful pieces that will last for generations, Davida is proud of its transparent sourcing and production, ensuring that its knitwear appeals to the conscious consumer. Davida is also a noteworthy and recognized fashion brand, often featured in fashion magazines and worn by well-known profiles.

Cloud Nine is designing and building Davida’s new online store on Centra and Storyblok - a modern composable e-commerce solution with special focus on a modular design system, enabling Davida to build strong content pages to drive organic traffic and promote the brand. With a flexible and strong web presence and digital marketing support, Davida will be able to expand and grow its online sales throughout Europe.

Davida’s new online store will be launched in August 2022

Davida - cashmere models

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