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News / 02 Mar 2021

Cloud Nine and Centra join forces in the Nordics

Cloud Nine has entered a strategic partnership with the brand-focused e-commerce platform, Centra. The partnership focuses on the Nordic region with an emphasis on the Finnish market.

Cloud Nine has partnered up with <a href="" target="_blank">Centra</a>, a cloud-based e-commerce platform for global fashion and lifestyle brands. The partnership focuses on the Nordic markets - mainly on the joint investment towards the Finnish market, where both Cloud Nine and Centra are currently expanding their businesses.

"We are very pleased to join partnership with such an experienced agency as Cloud Nine. They have a long history of creating powerful e-commerce experiences and look forward to bringing a strong joint offering with their cutting edge design and implementation our headless technology", says Martin Jensen, CEO at Centra.

Centra is a fast-growing international company that offers a headless all-in-one e-commerce platform. Allowing endless possibilities for design, integrations, and global scalability for direct-to-consumer and digital wholesale, Centra has since 2016 acquired more than 150 brands in the field of lifestyle and fashion.

<a href="" target="_blank">Cloud Nine recently expanded their business to Finland</a> with the acquisition of the Helsinki-based agency Mios. Local presence is key to efficiently enter new markets, which makes the joint partnership with Centra strategically strong, as Centra also is making the push to into Finland.

"We chose to partner up with Centra mainly due to their technology which is unparallelled within the vertical of fashion and lifestyle - an area where we see great future potential. We are passionate about constantly developing our customers' business and feel that Centra is a perfect fit for us", says Johan Cassel, Sales Manager at Cloud Nine.

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