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  • 20 Mar 2024
  • Kl 08:00 - 09:00
  • Stadsgården 6, NOVA House Sthlm

Cloud Nine & Friends: SEO for E-commerce in 2024

Björn Bydén
Björn BydénHead of SEO, Pineberry

Cloud Nine & Friends returns! Together with our sister agency, Pineberry, we are thrilled to invite you to a breakfast seminar focused on SEO within e-commerce.

Björn Bydén, Head of SEO at Pineberry, will be hosting this seminar and discuss how e-commerce businesses can drive more profitable traffic through smart SEO during economic downturns, leverage valuable insights from search data, and what changes are expected in e-commerce SEO as Google launches its Search Generative Experience.

As a bonus, our very own digital strategist, David Aler, will share insights on "E-commerce - a European perspective." What differences can we see in shopping behavior among our European neighbors and what does this mean for us that are trying to break into these markets?

Sign up now and join us on the 20th of Mars at NOVA House Sthlm, and get the opportunity to learn from one of Sweden’s leading SEO experts!