Live It

Memories for life


The experience comes first

With hundreds of experiences in collaboration with the country's best organizers, Live it has the highest quality and the widest range of experiences in Sweden.

Live it wanted to shift from a self-built solution to a more flexible platform with greater freedom for editorial content and campaigns. The new solution enables a freer way of working, at the same time it is better adapted for mobile devices and gives the opportunity to launch several markets and sites on the same platform.

The Live it solution is built for the future, a digital storefront seamlessly integrated with the underlying booking system and a modern interface.
Johan CasselHead of Sales, Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine Storefront on Litium e-com

In order to develop and sustain their market position, Live It needed to develop its IT solution to meet its experiential customers. One required component was a cloud-based e-commerce platform with a headless architecture.

The user can now find unique experiences for themselves or to gift away. A top-notch navigation and search function has been our biggest focus in order to guide and inspire the user throughout the entire buying experience.

The design language of the new website is permeated by Live's signature red colour, and a bold look with angular details characterizes the new design.

  • - Built on the latest Litium 8 platform
  • - Modern and user-friendly design
  • - A combined consumer and corporate site with 2 channels
  • - Efficiency boost for editors and IT department
At "Live It" we started this e-commerce project with the customer journey and scalability in focus. With the help of Cloud Nine, we have taken multiple steps forward in this journey. We look forward to a long-term relationship to further develop our business and reach new levels digitally.
Christopher SvenssonCIO, LIVE IT