Colleagues and cultureare what matter!

To switch between different projects and technologies helps me grow as a back-end developer.The flow of knowledge between colleagues is so important for keeping up to date. We work tightly together in our projects but spend time together outside work in different contexts as well.

Gonzalo FuentesBackend developer

Welcome to us 👋


"Culture eats strategy

for breakfast."

Peter Drucker

We are a team,

one for all, all for one

Working together can sound obvious, and has become a bit of a cliché. But we take it seriously. We work in teams, and this means that we need team players with a team mindset. No-one is left hanging, and clients are invited in early in our processes. This is why we spend a lot of time on personal development and the agency's way-of-work.

We also work in a fast-moving industry where everyone is hunting for the best talent. This makes it absolutely vital to have a culture that promotes learning, innovation and career development. A culture that makes it possible to lead a modern life, where we can work remotely, take our kids to daycare or bring our dog to work occasionly. That's our normal. And that's why we manage to attract and keep top talent. Sounds good? Drop us a line today!

Office in the heart of town

Our offices are located in the city center of Stockholm and Helsinki. Here we are part of a social and entrepreneurial environment with modern spaces, and with convenient distance to lunch restaurants and communication.

Training and certifications

We invest in our colleagues and promote further training. With skill-enhancing activities and annual skills grants, we help our employees grow in their role and career. What do you need to reach new potentials?

Fun activities

Do you enjoy video game lunch breaks, running, art, or music? We have activities for everyone. And why is that? We lite to socialize and believe that we have fun at work, our projects will be more successful.

Frijay cocktail and breakfast

The Friday AW is a standing tradition here and a perfect way to wrap up the week. Do you have a favorite drink you want to share? The bar is yours! We also gather every Wednesday for a joint agency breakfast.

Code nights and events

From time to time, we organize Code Quiz Night at a pub in town and host meetups in our office. FIFA tournaments and epic battles in the Age of Empires are also recurring events that are appreciated by many.

Agency trips

Every other year, we pack the weekend bag for a joint office trip filled with activities, tasty food, and team building. Istanbul, Barcelona, and Budapest are some already visited cities. Where are we going next?

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We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!🎄✨
THANK YOU to our customers, partners, followers and employees for making this very special year both eventful and successful.🥳
Enjoy the Holidays, take care of one another, and stay safe💙 See you in 2021!Excited about the digital trends for 2021? SO ARE WE! 🤩 Join us in our next webinar where we’ll predict the future of digital. Link in bio.

Sessions will be held in Swedish and English. Simply register for the session that fits you best.✨
#webinar #digitaltrends2021Say HELLO👋 to our frontend intern, Joakim Roos!
✨ Welcome Joakim, how’s everything so far?
It feels amazing. It’s been a busy first week with introductions and e-meeting everyone. I feel very welcomed!

✨What do you prefer to do outside of work and school?
I have a high interest in design/art and music, so I try to absorb as much of that as I possibly can. A great laugh with friends doesn’t hurt either.🎉Let us introduce our new team member and KAM, Mikael Östling!🥳
✨What are you looking forward to the most?
To solve everyday problems as well as long-term challenges that our customers have in their digitalisation journey.
✨What do you prefer to do on a day off?
Sea and nature are close to my heart. If there are strong winds, I like to go out to Torö south of Stockholm and kite surf. On a windless day, I appreciate a longer walk in the forest with my family and our dog Lovis.The warmest of welcome to our new (always smiling) project manager, Johann!🤩
✨Working at Cloud Nine, what are you looking forward to the most?
To be a part of creating fantastic services and getting to know my new colleagues. 
✨What do you think are the most common thoughts a Swede has about a Finn?
I’ve noticed that many I’ve met are real friends of Finland and see the beauty in our culture. Maybe we’re quiet and straightforward? And like sauna!😄
✨What do you prefer to do on a day off?
Going to an art exhibition or a favourite café with my family. And take a sauna, ofc, in the archipelago or at the beautiful Culture sauna in Helsinki!Meet Mariem, our new team member joining us in Helsinki!🥳
✨ Why a career in backend development?
When I first started, I loved being faced with a problem and trying to write a solution for it in code that predicts and covers all possible scenarios. It’s like a puzzle... it’s fun!
✨ How does it feel to be a part of Cloud Nine?
It’s exciting to be joining a great new team of friendly and skilled individuals.

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  • Fredrik SöderblomTeam lead & Project manager
  • Tommy KalinKey account manager
  • Jenny PetterssonMarketing Coordinator
  • Carl-Fredrik RisbeckerCEO
  • Camilla SundbergTeam led & Creative Director
  • Rickard NiklassonBackend developer
  • Henrik EricsonBackend developer
  • Caroline KrausDigital analyst
  • Daniel MeyerFrontend developer
  • Stefan GrossBackend developer
  • Moa ErikssonTeam lead & project manager
  • Piotrek KrajewskiBackend developer
  • Niclas PreberProject manager
  • Mariem MaiouakBackend developer
  • Daniel FribergFrontend developer
  • Albin EklundhBackend developer
  • Gonzalo FuentesBackend developer
  • Ludvig SjöbeckBackend developer
  • Sergey SmirnovFrontend developer
  • Emma LangetzTalent Acquisition Manager
  • Michael MelbingBackend developer
  • David AlerDigital strategist
  • Eva WamalaBackend developer
  • RutOffice dog
  • Johan CasselSales manager
  • Andreas DellrudBackend developer
  • Ronnie HillgrenBackend developer
  • Johann HöglundTeam lead & Project manager
  • Sened TeameCFO
  • Anna LindströmFrontend developer
  • Johannes ArnbroFrontend developer
  • David SvartzFrontend developer
  • Charlotte IllemannUX Designer
  • Mikael ÖstlingSenior key account manager
  • Stavros TsirlidisFrontend developer
  • Simon ErikssonUX designer