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Recipharm is a publicly traded pharmaceutical company with dozens of manufacturing facilities in six different countries across Europe. With a decentralized corporate structure, and language and cultural challenges between the factories, the internal communication across borders is an essential tool for efficiency, synergy and a better cohesion among dispersed employees.

A key challenge for Recipharm has been to unify the brand internally and make everyone feel like they are a part of the company. There have previously been watertight bulkheads between the company's various units, which has prevented knowledge sharing and made internal communication unnecessarily complicated. How can we build an intranet that can open doors, create a community and increase communication?


A crucial part of the project was the feasibility study where strategy and concept for the intranet was developed. Surveys, interviews and workshops resulted in invaluable information to discover the needs and formulate assumptions, and to map out the direction and implementation.

The solution was a social intranet with a clear and focused flow of information with the individual in focus. A flat design with a logical navigation and a powerful search lets users quickly find what they are looking for. All employees have their own profiles with pictures, contact details and information on competence. It may include comment on articles, participate in groups and forum discussions, book lunch and managing documents in a simple way.


A clear business benefits that the new intranet has helped with is partly to preserve the competence and the creation of the company, but also to spread knowledge and know-how on within the company.

In conclusion, we note that the new intranet has already contributed to a more transparent, unified, efficient and socially Recipharm.

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